It all started at a five thousand watt radio station in Fresno, California….

Wait, no, that’s not right….

My name is Nicole Yates and I like to eat. I also like to write, take pictures and do other assorted things such as write about food (ding!) and do stand up comedy around the Pennsylvania tri-state area (which is actually my first love). I grew up loving food (and baseball and music and comic books and comedy and…other…stuff) and decided to start this blog up in August of 2010 because I fell in love with Fried Oreos at the Jersey Shore (go ahead and laugh but…have you had them?).

This blog is part food photography, part travel, part rambling and part plain old food love. I kinda like it that way, so here we are. I take most of my pictures with an iPhone 4S (as of 1/1/12, before that I used an iPhone 4) and do minimal editing, so you get the idea without me having to do crazy food photo magic (i.e.: I am not propping anything up with tinfoil or using glue or any other tricks). I just love food and for some reason, you guys seem to like it as well.

And that? That is A-OK with me! I hope you enjoy your stay! Please visit with us again soon and leave a comment, I like to know if people like what I am doing!


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