The Belly Buster At Meatheads

I normally try to avoid driving around here in Northeast Philly. As the city expanded, they got away fro the simple grid pattern of streets and I tend to get a little turned around. However, when my cousin Chrissy needs a housesitter, I am the man with the plan (or girl, as the case may be). My uncle was going on and on about this place he has been getting hoagies at, and he lives not too far from Chrissy, so I took a chance and went over there for a sandwich to bring home to eat during Game 1 of the NLCS.

The place is called Meatheads. Inside, the place is kind of sparse. They have a small lunchmeat counter, a three wide soda cooler and a display with chips and tastykakes. Scattered along the walls are pictures of the last games at The Vet and some framed cutouts of the ’80 World Series. They also sell t-shirts, rolls (from Liscio’s, which they also use for thier sandwiches) and assorted salads in the cooler. Besides that, the place looks a little sparse. Oh! They have 2 chairs from the Vet too.

Behind the lunch counter, however, lies the menu for some really cool sandwiches. Of course, if you know anything about me, I always get the worse one for me. So, this is why I ordered “The Belly Buster”. Ham, Turkey, Bologna, Roast Beef and Cheese. I was given the choice between seeded and unseeded roll, which I thought was cool, as I’m, not too hot on seeded rolls. I asked for everything plus sweet peppers, and this is what I brought home:

Size of Belly Buster Wrapped

Size of Belly Buster Wrapped

Keep in mind, this is a half. Now, I asked for sweet peppers, and for some reason it was only on one side. Also, the salad part of the hoagie (lettuce, tomato and onion) were barely visible. Not that I am complaining too much but I like the veggie stuff. Also, they were a little light on the mayo, but peraps that was my fault for not asking?

My biggest complaint was that there was supposed to be Roast Beef on this thing and there was none. A boner mistake, absolutely. It would have given the sandwich a bit more bite then an American Hoagie on steroids.

Belly Buster

Belly Buster

Now eating this thing, it is a solid block of meat. They use Dietz and Watson lunchmeat, which is always good and not salty, so I was happy about that.

Side Shot Of Belly Buster

Side Shot Of Belly Buster

Even without the veggies on top, the great roll (holds up to the sheer weight of this thing), and the tasty meat (I didn’t feel like I needed to drink a gallon of water after I ate half of this) made this a pretty awesome sandwich.

Would I get it again? Actually, probably not, but not because of itself, but because they offer a ton of hoagies with all sorts of great combos such as: The Smokehouse (Chicken Breast, Swiss and Bacon covered in BBQ Sauce), The Firefighter (Pepper Ham, Hot Pepper Cheese & Long Hots) and more. I love Liscio’s rolls, they even stand up the next day, after you have wrapped that sandwich and popped it in the fridge (which I did)! It didn’t get soggy or too hard, it was perfect! Amoroso better watch it’s back!

Check out Meathead’s, they are in the Grant and Academy Shopping Center, open from 8-6 Monday thru Saturday and are unfortunately closed on Sundays. 215-677-3560 Also, look for Liscio’s Bread at your favorite hoagie place, you won’t be disappointed!

*edited to add: People have asked me how I could give a good review to a place that squarely fucked up my hoagie. Honestly, it was still a good sandwich, but next time I’ll let them know about it. This was my first time there and I’ll cut them a little slack. My uncle orders from there all the time and has never had a problem.

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My name is Nicole. I am a standup comic based in Philly and I looove food. Surprise!

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  1. Where is this place? I need to check it out.

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