Snowpocalypse Food!

We got what measures to be a butt-ton amount of snow here in the northeast, so I put out a call for people to post their snowed in food creations on the various social networks with the hashtag #DidjaEatJonas. Check out some of the posts!

Snow storm nachos! #DidjaEatJonas

A photo posted by Joe Moore (@thejoemoore) on

Breakfast homemade pierogis made by Wendy Z. Perfect for a morning after! @didja_eat #didjaeatjonas

A photo posted by Jaci Zawatski (@jacizawatski) on

Vegan Broccoli Torta: "Best goddamn sandwich I've had in hella days." – @TrailSmash #PhillyVegan #OpenInPHL #PhillySnow

A photo posted by American Sardine Bar (@americansardine) on

Chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies #didjaeatjonas

A photo posted by Nicole Goetz (@nicg613) on

Pancakes. Breakfast for dinner. Love snow days. #DidjaEatJonas

A photo posted by Joe Moore (@thejoemoore) on

Blizzard breakfast zone #dutchbabypancake #didjaeatjonas #snausage (📷 @tonsofhobbies )

A photo posted by Jessica Baumert (@jeesaw) on

Homemade chicken pho @didja_eat #didjaeatjonas #cleaneating #crockpot

A photo posted by Terry Auspitz (@clubjuggle) on

Before and after potatoes (and eggs) Breakfast! #DidjaEatJonas

A photo posted by Joe Moore (@thejoemoore) on

Spicy beer chili after shoveling & a hot shower✨✨✨🍷 #didjaeatjonas #garlicbread

A photo posted by Rena Hite (@renamartini75) on

About didjaeat

My name is Nicole. I am a standup comic based in Philly and I looove food. Surprise!

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