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G&M Crabcakes

This past summer I took a short roadtrip to D.C. On the way back, I was persuaded to stop at this place called G&M Restaurant outside Baltimore. I was told tales of this ridiculous crabcake they had there and rolled my eyes. I know Maryland is known for crab, yeah. I know they are known for crabcakes. Yeah, again. However, I have had some shitty crabcakes over the years, where the crab seemingly strolled through the mix.

And then I had this crabcake. Wow.

G&M Crabcake

G&M Crabcake

It kinda looks like meringue, right? That’s because they cook them under these crazy broilers and thats ALL CRAB MEAT. A little baking soda makes them fluffy, and the rest? Allllll crab. I was almost out of cash, so I couldn’t get the double plate. I figured, before I saw it, that one would be good, I shouldn’t be a glutton. I don’t think I could have been more wrong.

When I was done, I kept thinking I might have more change in the car for another. Maybe under the seats…yeah! That’s the ticket! But I had to drive back to Philly so that was the end of that.

From what I understand, the place used to look kind of like an old man lodge with animals on the walls and stuff. They remodeled and it looks nice, like a place you could go on a date but also take your family to celebrate something (“Yay! Gramma got new teeth!”). The staff was super nice, and the bartender even put the Phillies game on the television for us, which gets high marks in my book. He didn’t even give us any guff for it. Very friendly, very accommodating and quick with the drinks. The staff gets great marks for service.

Lately, I have been dreaming about that crabcake. Light, fluffy, crab-tastic. Even the cocktail sauce was delicious, not too bland with just enough pop. Maybe a road trip. Maybe, maybe.

If you find yourself outside Baltimore, by the BWI airport, please, for the love of god, GO TO THIS PLACE. You will not be disappointed.

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