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Get Your DidjaEat? Gear

Hey Everyone!,

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, but financial circumstances have pushed it to the forefront.

I lost my job recently and I need a little help with the hosting costs and making ends meet.

So, I set up a Teespring store!

Shirts, Mugs & totes, Oh My!

Podcast Ep. 20: Famous Fat Dave

You guys! Episode 20! I’m just as amazed as you are! And man, this episode is great. David Freedenberg, aka Famous Fat Dave, took me on a mini food tour to DaFonte’s in Red Hook in his white Checker cab named Sweetness.

And you’ll be coming along with us!

I took a ton of pictures and if you listen along, you’ll be hearing all about these great places, things and this great guy, Dave!

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