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Podcast Ep 21: Earl Skakel

I just got back from another great trip to Los Angeles to cat sit and do some standup. While I was in town I did 2 podcast interviews. This here is the first one, with The Comedy Store and now Comedy Central‘s Earl Skakel, from the Roast Battle! I met Earl last year when I was in town, courtesy of the #2 Roast Battler in LA, Philly comic Pat Barker. He was hilarious at The Hater’s Table and was super nice off stage. He graciously said yes to being on the DidjaEat Podcast and also had me on his Inappropriate Earl Podcast as well! Check out BOTH below! **edited to add** Earl just finished third on the Comedy Central Roast Battle!

Earl Skakel on DidjaEat

Nicole Yates on Inappropriate Earl
Nicole Yates on Inappropriate Earl

Podcast Ep. 12- Brendan Kennedy

Nicole Yates sits down with standup comic/sketch guy/improver Brendan Kennedy. Brendan is originally from right outside Philly and now resides in Los Angeles where he appears in sketch videos and is generally hilarious. He also has a podcast with Luke Giordano called Hurtful Things, which is amazingly funny.

Yes, I Said Bacon Milkshake

I do a lot of standup comedy and am friends with tons of comics and comic groups on Facebook. The other day the guys in LawnBoys Comedy┬áposted that they were going to make a bacon milkshake and post it on the ‘net. I asked if I could post it here on Didjaeat and they were pretty enthusiastic about it!

I watched it and laughed all the way thru and you will probably do the same!
Nice job guys!

Here are the details:
Two tablespoons bacon grease
Not one, no two, no three strips of bacon
Half cup of milk
Three huge scoops of ice cream
World’s smallest blender
Fat guy with no shame

Are you ready?
(Kosher folks, please look away, or look on in terror!)

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