Tony Boloney’s Boken-Boy

I travel for standup shows a fair amount of the time and I like to scout out places for this foodblog and just in general (I mean, I am not driving hours to eat at McDonald’s. As my Dad used to say on vacation “shut up, we can eat that at home”). When I had a show in Hoboken a little while back at The Shannon Bar, I decided to visit the Hoboken home of my favorite place to eat in Atlantic City: Tony Boloney’s. If you aren’t familiar, Tony Boloney’s is Mike Hauke’s amazing Pizza and Sandwich place, 3 blocks for the ocean in AC (2 blocks from the old Revel, 300 Oriental ave. You can’t miss it. Go there. You’ll thank me.). They make their own everything (and use some amazing bread from AC) and they bill themselves as “Indigienous Atlantic City Grub”. I call it “F-ing Ridiculous”.

I googlemapped the Hoboken outpost and made my way there. They have great fountain area set up with no mass produced beverages, and another little fridge selling homemade mozzarella (Oh yeah, did I mention they also do that? Because they do.  12 kinds. Along with pizza that will knock your socks off.). I have a hard time making decisions in general (I’m a Libra, if you are into those kinds of things) and I was pretty hungry from driving for almost 2 hours so I saw and ordered the first thing that grabbed me…

Tony Boloney's Boken-Boy

Tony Boloney’s Boken-Boy

The Boken-Boy: hand breaded chicken cutlet, garlic aioli, soppressata, baby arugula, sweet smoked mutz, lemon, evoo.

I know what you are thinking. “Chicken Cutlet Sandwich with cheese, big deal.”. But no! It is a big deal! I can safely say this is the best sandwich I have had in a year. Not in a calendar year but IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS.

Let me count the ways.

  1. Super soft and chewy roll that never fell apart nor ripped my teeth out. It held everything perfectly. In fact, only one piece of chicken fell out and that was my fault for taking a giant bite at one point and twisting my hand in a weird way. If you look at the photos, this thing was stuffed and the roll did the job. There was no after sandwich cleanup on Aisle Plate afterwards.
  2. The Chicken Cutlet was fried perfectly: not over greasy, not kind of overcooked or god forbid, burned.
  3. The cutlet was thick. It wasn’t some paper thin wisp of a piece of chicken that was smashed to death. This was juicy piece of nice chicken.
  4. The Cutlet was sliced into strips. Normally, Cutlet sammys have the whole Cutlet and everything piled on top of it. With this sandwich, the chicken is able to be single and mingle with it’s party guests.
  5. The Garlic Aioli was subtle and not a punch in the face of garlic. I had a show and was afraid I would smell like an old man with some garlic on his belt (as was the style at the time), and low and behold, I did not. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for stinkin’ up the joint, this just wasn’t it.
  6. The Wild Card: Soppressata. What’s this piece of meat doing on this Sammy? I’ll tell you what: It’s being awesome and adding some salt and texture. It also cuts right thru all the mild flavors to mix it up. It’s the card trick at the party, you didn’t know it was coming and it’s delighting the guests.
  7. The Baby Arugula and Mozz. The baby arugula added a little bit of peppery goodness to the Sammy (along with giving me the idea that *something* on this thing would be good for me, my mom would be proud), and the mozz was exactly what it sounded like: a little sweet, a little smokey and all amazing.
  8. Lemon and EVOO. Talk about a nice thing to pull it all together! The lemon mingles with the whole party and the EVOO is the buttery hug that pulls the whole thing together.

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I cannot say enough good things about this sandwich: besides #1-#8, it was fresh, hot and mind blowing. If you are anywhere around this shop, stop in and pick this sandwich up. Ridiculous. Also, I had a Puck’s Black Cherry soda that was pretty on point! Puck’s makes soda with actual sugar and with no artificial colors or preservatives and uses natural extracts and essential oils. Absolutely delightful!


263 1st St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

(201) 222 – 8669


Su-W    11am – 11pm
Th          11am – 2am
Fri-S      11am – 4am

DidjaEat? Episode 18 Joe Moore

Brand New DidjaEat? Podcast!

I sat down with Pizza Enthusiast & Comedian Joe Moore!

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Philly Loves The Meats!

Nick Solares, head Meat dude at Eater came to Philly for Cheesesteaks. usually when people do that they hit the Pat’s, Geno’s and Jim’s Steaks. Waht no one seems to realize is that they are all tourist traps. No one from Philly really goes to those places unless it’s after 2am and you are druuuunk. Instead, Nick hit Joe’s Steaks, Dalessandro’s & Chubby’s and got some good Philly Meat Injection right into his face.

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Snowpocalypse Food!

We got what measures to be a butt-ton amount of snow here in the northeast, so I put out a call for people to post their snowed in food creations on the various social networks with the hashtag #DidjaEatJonas. Check out some of the posts!

Snow storm nachos! #DidjaEatJonas

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Breakfast homemade pierogis made by Wendy Z. Perfect for a morning after! @didja_eat #didjaeatjonas

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Vegan Broccoli Torta: "Best goddamn sandwich I've had in hella days." – @TrailSmash #PhillyVegan #OpenInPHL #PhillySnow

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Chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies #didjaeatjonas

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Pancakes. Breakfast for dinner. Love snow days. #DidjaEatJonas

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Blizzard breakfast zone #dutchbabypancake #didjaeatjonas #snausage (📷 @tonsofhobbies )

A photo posted by Jessica Baumert (@jeesaw) on

Homemade chicken pho @didja_eat #didjaeatjonas #cleaneating #crockpot

A photo posted by Terry Auspitz (@clubjuggle) on

Before and after potatoes (and eggs) Breakfast! #DidjaEatJonas

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Spicy beer chili after shoveling & a hot shower✨✨✨🍷 #didjaeatjonas #garlicbread

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Ep. 17 Live from Philly Podcast Fest

This is our Second Annual Live Episode from The Philly Podcast Fest!

Thanks to Nathan Kuruna for running the fest and Tattooed Mom’s for hosting it again!

My guests include Dr. Timaree Schmit, Darryl Charles, Alex Jones & Brian Craig

Sex With Timaree Website

DTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour

Comedian Darryl Charles

Fair Food Farm Stand

Sweetish – Sketch Comedy

Secret Pants


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Flight Market Goodness!

Back in April I went to Flight Market (a precursor to the Food Trust’s Night Market, where there are about 60 food trucks bringing you happiness) with my friend Michael (and his son Efrem) to see what we could eat. We had Waffle Fries with sausage gravy and popcorn chicken, a pork loin sandwich that Michael still dreams about, donuts with cereal on them, brown butter brawler ice cream from Little baby’s Ice Cream and my all time favorite from Foolish Waffles: whipped cream and blueberry compote on a warm fresh homemade waffle!!!!

Check it out!

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Beefing It Up At Burger Brawl

The Burger Brawl was started by a bunch of parents at a local elementary school to raise money for a new computer lab. Now, years later, it has spiraled out to become a huge event with 60 restaurants making thier best burger! Check out the slideshow for all the burger goodness!

DidjaEat? Ep. 16: Meghan Walsh

This episode features Meghan Walsh from The Food Trust talking about what the Food Trust is, how they try to combat hunger and what the Night Market is and how it’s put together!

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DidjaEat? Ep. 15- Mike “Scoats” Scotese

Everyone! Come listen! I sat down with The Grey Lodge‘s Main Man Mike “Scoats” Scotese and we chatted about beers, burgers and bars. This guy was ahead of the curve even before the curve was thought of.

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DidjaEat Ep. 14 Samantha Russell & Brian Craig

Hey Everyone!
I sat down with Samantha Russell and Brian Craig to talk entertaining, theme parties and all things food! Plus cat toy humping, the wig sphere and much, much more! Thanks to Sam and Brian for chatting and also for all the delicious snacks!

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