Burgers and Hoagies and Scallops, Oh My!

Hey Everyone,

Many apologies for dropping off the grid for so long. I started a new day job and frankly, working in an office was kicking my ass way more then I ever thought it would!

Here is a little slideshow of some of the things I have been up to!

1. I visited the Gino’s Burger joint in Bensalem with very super nice & funny sketch comedians Brian Craig and Samantha Russell Craig from the hilariously smart and funny sketch group Secret Pants. We had gotten a Groupon and went to town. The burger wasn’t bad. The shake was ok, except that I had gotten a mint shake and when I took a sip (out of the rather wide diameter straw), I hit a pocket of flavoring and felt like I did a shot of Pepto Bismal. But after that, it was ok. I had gotten an order of chicken fingers to go and they were delicious. The type on the menu was teeny, no one could read it, which was odd. They did make sure you had tons of condiments tho. Any place with malt vinegar on the table is ok. Unfortunately, the location closed in February. While the food was ok, it felt like something was slightly off with that location and it turns out it was not corporate owned but franchised. Hopefully it’s just a bump in the road for Gino’s. The real question is why fast food places never seem to stay open on such a busy road such as Street Road in Bensalem. Weird.

2. I work across the street from Jimmy Johns, a national sandwich chain. While I detest national sandwich chains, I was intrigued and found myself in there one afternoon, super hungry and needing lunchmeat. The roll doesn’t really have much taste and the lunch meat is mushy. They have some kind of Jimmy John’s Special dressing, but I asked for extra mayo (the only way to fly) and they did not give me my extra mayo. Bastards. It was a decent sized sandwich for the money, they are super crazy fast in making your sandwich, and customer service was extremely efficient and friendly (even for me, a person who cannot order off a menu, ever) but it didn’t really do much for me. Wawa still kicks it’s butt. Note to the Wawa corp: Please put a Wawa around the area of 17th and Chestnut.

3. I attended the Philly Weekly’s big food event. The food from El Zarape blew my mind, but not as much as the White Bean Puree and Scallop from World Cafe. If they have that on thier regular menu, then get it. If not, then demand it. It blew my mind and then blew it again. Unreal.

About didjaeat

My name is Nicole. I am a standup comic based in Philly and I looove food. Surprise!

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  1. “Note to the Wawa corp: Please put a Wawa around the area of 17th and Chestnut.”

    There’s a Wawa on the south side of the Comcast Tower on Arch Street. Is that not close enough for you?

  2. Re: Gino’s – “The real question is why fast food places never seem to stay open on such a busy road such as Street Road in Bensalem. Weird.”

    I’ve been to the Gino’s in King of Prussia, but only once. To be honest, I’d rather not go back as the burger I did have there was bland, plain and simple. I know they put a Five Guys in the KoP Plaza food court, so at least that’s a suitable alternative. But word on the street is there is going to be a Shake Shack in King of Prussia ( http://www.philly.com/philly/food/Shake-Shack-to-King-of-Prussia.html ), and I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival.

    As for burgers along Street Road in Bensalem, I guess I’m more of a Nifty Fifty’s fanatic. 😐

    • Five Guys is good but a bit overkill for me. I like Nifty Fifties but the burgers are kind of small for the money. Shake Shack is expensive but amazing!

  3. I’m not usually a hoagie guy, but the gargantuan looks pretty awesome! Most hoagies I see are over generous on lettuce and tomato, but this looks amazing!

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